Hello world!

i just turned 45 yesterday.

celebrating at burgoo gateway

but i’m wondering where the past thirty years went.  everything’s a blur.  i can still remember the highlights, though, but i won’t be able to talk about the in-betweens.

i’ve been to places and tried a lot of things.  some right, but mostly the wrong stuff.  and i’ve hurt a lot of people in the process.  i also remember that when i hit forty, i began considering insurance and memorial plans more than the latest places to eat in.

but i’m here now.  forty-five years and a day old.  i’ll be done paying for my insurance in a couple of months.

for whatever the in-betweens were and for all the highlights and milestones, i thank God Almighty that His hand was and is still upon me.

given the chance to relive the blurred past, will i change anything?

knowing what i know now, YES.

yes, i’ll be more caring, loving, unselfish, frugal, self-less, respectful, responsible, inquisitive, brave, trustworthy and truthful.  at this age i guess one gets to see the past better through the eyes of the present.  someone said that we have “twenty-twenty vision in hindsight.”  was he so right.

i know that i won’t get to relive the past and be all that i want to have been.  but there are the tomorrows that, God willing, will add up to many years – an everyday chance to be what i should be, what God wants me to be.

so to the thirty blurred years i misplaced somewhere, let it be so.  i’m ready to go beyond the forty-five i’ve lived and start living on to the next thirty, at least.

if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.  the old has gone, the new has come.


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