a pentax wedding

abi's wedding ring

there are few pentax photographers here in manila.  so it was with great delight that i got to shoot abi & ivan’s wedding yesterday with two fellow pinoy pentaxians:  eumir buban and jerold jonsay.

pinoy pentaxians - eumir buban (foreground), joey reyes (background).  the philippines really isn’t pentax country.  here, it’s either ‘c’ or ‘n’.  you’ll see most wedding photogs brandishing their big canon or nikon guns.   it’s as if you at once become a good photographer when you shoot with either brand.

a fellow pentax shooter, roland roldan, tells of a number of prospective contracts he lost to the ‘big 2’ once the customers learned he shoots with a pentax.

i felt a small amount of offense, once, when a studio looking for a replacement photographer decided not to get my services because i’m a pentax guy.  because i chose to work with a different set of tools that basically did the same job anyway, i lost the opportunity to earn some extra cash that day.

is it right to measure someone’s capability by the tools that he uses?

let’s see…  what happens when we hand over a hassleblad to a chimpanzee?



(here’s their album layout)


3 comments on “a pentax wedding

  1. re:chimpanzee….it’ll look a little better than with a canon or a nikon…but with a pentax…not possible..its a thinking man’s gear! he he he,hello boss.

    • hey jay! fancy to see you here. have you ever wondered where they got the term “chimping”? (oh, and my nephew who shot with an ‘n’ dumped his gear and bought into our side when he heard of the K7 and did some really deep research. too bad he’s in NY – i would’ve let him play with my manual lenses.


  2. when i was taking my basic photography class, i got a cool model of pentax for my 1st SLR camera and i thought it was the best. unfortunately, after enjoying it for about two years, it was snatched out of my pentax camera bag….pretty hard lessons to learn.

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