no kids allowed


what’s a wedding without kids?

i shoot weddings mostly so for me, it’s a ‘dream-come-true’.

okay, kids are cute and provide many magical photo ops for all types of photogs.  but most times they become unruly – running around and tripping over stuff, or running between the camera and a once-in-a-lifetime shot.  many times screaming their heads off.  worse, some of their folks don’t bother to rein them in.

today’s wedding was different.  there were no kids!

no flower girls.  no bearers.  just adults – family and friends sharing a wonderful moment with the bride & groom.  and yet it was all there – the emotion, the fun, the laughter, the gratitude, the tears – shared by and between people who have cultivated and nurtured their relationships for many years.

my wife, liz, is a pre-school teacher.  she always reminds me that kids are kids and will always be kids.

i accept that.  i once was one and spread my share of mischief too.  but what gets me is when the adults who’re supposed to supervise/discipline them, especially when in public and social affairs, don’t bother to.  they just let them run loose without a leash.

i always believe that there are times and places where kids shouldn’t be allowed in.  one place is in church, during adult worship services.  another place is at formal adult socials.   these are not daycare centers.   if you have to bring kids along in these formal adult gatherings, be sure to discipline them/ensure their proper behavior.   otherwise, just have someone babysit them at home.


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