new kid in town

ptr. jesse dedel, senior pastor, makati hope christian church

i didn’t want to miss the opening of this chapter in my friend’s life.

i’ve known jesse from the late nineties, when i came across his bible study among araneta center’s employees.  a few years later, i end up pastoring the afternoon church service he once handled.  soon, the Lord opened different doors for each of us – jesse into further ministry while i step into the business side of photography.

we still manage to get together with close buddies – over coffee, food, and therapy.

all his years serving God, jesse has not become senior pastor of any church – until now.  today, september 6, 2009, the board of elders of makati hope christian church inducted him as their senior pastor.

_IGP2825 new2jesse made it clear – makati hope is to go about God’s business.

he challenged the congregation to recognize who they are (a chosen people, a holy nation) and to look beyond where they are now and push on to make God known.  that’s a lot of work ahead.  but with rolled-up sleeves and steeled determination, jesse and congregation, under God’s strength and grace, will surely move forward.

may the LORD let His face shine upon you, bro.  Carpe diem!


One comment on “new kid in town

  1. hey Joey!
    thanks for this great blog. may the Lord continually find us laboring faithfully in His Vineyard, for the advancement of His Kingdom and for His Name’s sake.
    Carpe Aeternum!

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