nine lives

taken with a pentax K55/1.8 manual focus lens

my cat sleeps most of the day, is picky with his food, doesn’t catch roaches and is a virgin.

he was one of the many kittens i had seven years ago.  his mom always managed to get pregnant.  i never managed to throw the litter out,  not until my honeymoon.

i chose to keep him because he was sick then. ingesting rat poison screwed him up for a couple of years.

he’d walk around the apartment dripping all over and his eyes would always need wiping.  he also developed an appetite for spoiled food (!), not caring for fresh leftovers.  you’d wonder how he managed to stay alive.

mimiw with tak 135 crop

but look at him now.  he’s strong, has good toilet manners,  and loves to curl up on our laps.  we still don’t allow him out of the apartment and so his social life is nil.

if cats did have nine lives,  he’s proof.  but cats don’t have nine lives.  nor do we.

the Bible teaches that “… it is appointed for man to die ONCE, and then face the judgment.”

we only have one life to live.   we can either live entirely for God or we can be against Him,  wasting it  in fruitless, sinful living.  we need not fear death but God.  we’ll come face to face with God in the end.  then He’ll judge us according to how we lived and give us what we deserve – eternal life (through Jesus Christ) or eternal damnation in hell.

how do we live?





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