the slow boat to china

with my wife, liza.

my buddy bert.

a filipino who works in the british embassy in china.  he’s not marco polo by any stretch of the imagination.  but between us, he’s seen more of the world than i have.

we had dreams and schemes when we were young.  but our roads forked differently and we found ourselves doing the things we were called to do.

he was a disc jockey in taiwan then managed to go to china.  he learned the language well and married a tall, beautiful chinese girl.

with our friend stephanie.

he is now older and wiser, works for Her Majesty, the Queen, and he makes dumplings too.

his short visit to manila last december 2009 will remind me this:

that God designed us uniquely and with our own roads to follow.  we may not circumnavigate the globe when we follow God, but we’ll surely end up in pretty interesting places.