johnny rockets didn’t take off

hey, johnny! HERE'S THE BEEF. home-cooked on a cast iron-grill pan.

by far, the best burgers liz and i have tasted are from WHAM’s.  juicy, fresh off the grill, and reasonably priced at 155 pesos for the double patty.  hands-down, the standard to which other local burgers are to be measured.

so imagine our tremendous disappointment when we tried JOHNNY ROCKET’S version of this classic.  for 285 pesos, we only got a single patty lost in an over-powering dressing sandwiched in a dry tasteless bun with dehydrated fries.  you’d expect a decent meal upon entering the american diner-styled johnny rocket’s in tomas morato.  but it’s all just for show.  where’s the beef, johnny?

so here’s our protest version of the bacon cheeseburger.  lots of meat, spices, cheese.  bacon, lettuce, tomatoes.  grilled on a cast iron grill pan.  it may not be out of this world, but it took off where johnny didn’t.


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