say ‘chiz’…

well, not exactly an appropriate title for a car accident, but maybe i’ll work on that later.  anyway, on our way home from the gym this evening (may 26, 2011, 9:30pm), we came upon this scene at our street corner.


we saw two people in the van.  the wrecked doors prevented them from getting out. we learned quickly that the driver of the other vehicle was senator chiz escudero.


liz and i approached him and asked how he was.  considering the damage, he said that he was just a little shaken.  he was gentle and calm in his manner, not blaming anyone and not raising his voice, AND NOT invoking whatever privileges he may have pertaining to his political office.  he just waited patiently for the authorities and ambulance to arrive.


the rescue team started working on getting the two guys out of the van.  they used a small version of the ‘jaws of life’ to pry open the damaged door.

Soon enough, the driver was out.  they had to put a neck brace on him for precautionary measures.  Next out was the other passenger.


There were the usual pinoy elements in this scene:

  1. the crowd (usi’s) who never bothered to shoo away the kids playing with the broken pieces of glass from the windshield.
  2. the investigator/traffic cop who was constantly on the radio following up the late ambulance/rescue team.
  3. the late ambulance/rescue team (they claim they were given the wrong location).
  4. the motorists who insist they be allowed to pass through.
  5. the motorists who insist on slowing down so they can see enough of what happened.
  6. the baranggay tanods and the kapitan.
  7. the absence of crowd control.
  8. the bystanders who instantly turn into traffic cops.

I’ve seen all these and will continue to see all these and more.

However, i will never forget how refined and behaved chiz escudero was despite sustaining damage to his vehicle too.  If it were a politician of lesser character, which we have a surplus of, there would be abusive language, a refusal to admit wrong, someone throwing his political weight around, cops milking anybody they can milk, and anything else that one can do in the exercise of his political power.

Some years ago, i shot chiz and his law partners in his office.  i remember him arriving in the middle of the shoot and very warmly greeting me with a tap on the shoulder, as if he greeted a buddy.  There was no tension and we had a productive shooting day. Seeing him again this evening and still being cordial despite what happened makes me wish we had more of him around.

But greater still is this: no matter who we are in life – big or small, rich or poor, fat or thin – we never really know what the future holds nor what would happen in the next few minutes.

Considering this, it’s best to be safe.  And the best way to be safe is to be right with God.

In James 4:13-15, the Word of God says “Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.” Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.  Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.”

Let’s run the course of our lives according to God’s guidance so that no matter what happens along the way, we’ll be in good hands.  As they say, “better to be safe than sorry.”

all images shot with a Pentax K10d + Pentax FA 50/1.7 


24 comments on “say ‘chiz’…

  1. Nice one sir! Great article!

    Kay Sen. Chiz Escudero, isa kang ehemplo ng isang tunay na lingkod-publiko. Saludo ako sa iyo (dati pa po) at Mabuhay ka! Ganyan ang Senador! Ganyan sana ang lahat ng pulitiko at ang mga susunod pang mga Lider ng bansa.

  2. Celebrities and other powerful could learn a thing or two from Senator Escudero when it comes to conducting themselves in such cases. He truly puts the “honorable” in his position.

  3. Salamat sa article na tama ang obserbasyon ng writer ukol sa minamahal naming Sen. Chiz Escudero. Mula pa ng congressman na siya, nasubaybayan ko na hanggang ngayon hindi siya nagbago ng ugali at pakikitungo pakikitungo sa kapwa.

    Salamat naman hindi masyadong nasaktan si Sen Chiz…salamat sa Diyos dinidinig niya ang dasal ng mga nagmamahal at nagaalala kay Sen Chiz..ang pananatili niyang mababang loob sa kapwa, pagiging kalma at pagtahak lumakad sa tamang daan ang isang bala niya para bumalik ang good karma sa kanya.

    Sa nasaktan na ibang tao sa aksidente, nawa’y makaligtas rin sila at mabilis ang kanilang paggaling..ingat ingat Sen Chiz, isang tulad mo ang kailangan namin sa darating na panahon.

    • annie, the passengers of the other vehicle were okay naman. they just couldn’t get out of the vehicle kasi wasak yung pinto. Senator Escudero’s office said that the senator is monitoring the condition of the two passengers who were brought to SLMC last night.

    • hi. mr. velasquez called already. i just sent him a txt msg. i shot this last night for personal purposes – only a handful really read my blog. i just hope that people would know that the senator is a nice guy while they see the pics.

  4. its good to know nothing serious happened to sen. chiz escudero. he is a friend. thanks for the article.

  5. sir,

    thank you for your blog. such kind words. i recall another senator riding a lincoln that figured in an accident. i wonder if people said the same thing.

    p.s. your profile pic brought back memories of boss miyawok vs ikabod bubwit. martial law baby ka din?

    • hi vic. yes, martial law baby. i remember watching then pres. marcos declaring proclamation 1081 on tv. in grade school we had to sing the ‘bagong lipunan’ anthem.

      we seem to have hit rock bottom as far as character is concerned. what our nation needs most is not a change of people in politics, rather, a true change of heart. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

      thanks for dropping by!

  6. What you have claimed on Sen Chiz are true as far as i’m concerned, the reason why he’s the top, favorite and most popular Senator in the Philippines! His humbleness endear him to most Pinoys, he is actually a shy person, and with goodness in his heart, no wonder why he was saved from this misfortune, thank God!

    And thank you for the detailed report, our worries are gone! Best Regards!

    • hi belinda.

      Scripture says that “Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted.” (Matthew 23:12)

      You’ll be glad to know that when the traffic cop came, the senator even surrendered his driver’s license. Nice.


  7. Proud of MY IDOL, MY SENATOR, this article..thank you for sharing this and make us realize that we are supporting the RIGHT PERSON..GOD Bless

  8. SALUDO tlga ako sa ating Sen. Chiz…dpat n tularan xa ng ibang nsa pwesto o khit hndi man.mahirap nang makahanap ng katulad mo IDOL…ikaw na,the BEST k eh!

  9. That’s why he should have been president. Not a bachelor who has more time for his chicks than to our country not EVEN TAKING ADVANTAGE the synergy of People Power by his side

  10. bagong lipunan anthem, what a great piece of propaganda. its so good, i can still sing it even after 3 decades. m’coy really knew how to mess up peoples minds.

  11. hey! just saw this now. naaksidente pala sya? anong sasakyan yan? 🙂 hope both parties are now okay. Sen, ingat lang. asan na ba yung iyong loyal driver?

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