Back to School

My school life was fine until i took one wrong turn too many.  I got kicked out of catholic seminary on my senior high school year.  I never got my diploma despite spending six years in university because I spent four of these in Mang Joe’s billiard hall strategically located beside the campus.

Strangely enough, I end up teaching short-term computer courses in Manila, culminating in a teaching stint in San Miguel, Bulacan.  Then came the roller coaster ride.

Failed relationships.  A daughter that wasn’t mine.  Squandered inheritance.  Drug abuse.  Darkness.

But a life-transforming encounter with God brought me out into the light.  Given a new calling, to “make disciples of all nations, …TEACHING them to obey” what He has commanded.  I took to the pulpit with a passion for teaching God’s truth.  Sadly, some settled for anything that “their itching ears want to hear” instead of the real thing.   I left the denomination I was serving because our leaders no longer taught the truth.

I knew I had to move on.  Though saddened by the end of my teaching ministry, I find myself in the business side of photography.

Photography pays well but it isn’t my fulfillment.  I have been a learner as a photographer and a few times gave tips to other budding shooters.  Nothing major.  Until last week.

I am back in school, teaching a twelve-day class on basic photography, giving thirty-seven high school kids the ABC’s of shooting.  Some are naturally inclined for this and I have just a few days to put them on some solid foundation.

I learned my lessons the hard way and I learned that I am called to teach.  I hope these kids learn, benefit and be rewarded from what I teach them.  That will be my fulfillment, my diploma.


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