In Search Of…

21 October 2011

Fellow Pentax user Jona Baccoy sent me this picture together with a tip we Pentaxians consider valuable: where to find old Pentax glass.

Hunting for old Pentax glass has been a quest I have willingly embarked upon.  Our friend Alan Ebora (The Pentax Hunter) shares the addiction.  The hunt itself is rewarding but actually finding the gem and getting it for cheap is, well, a priceless high.

It is not enough to just look at the photo of old cameras lying in a box somewhere.  I have to find the place and get there before others do.  Yesterday, I did.


22 October 2011

A small store selling used guitars, amps, speakers, and surplus pentium 4s will be the last place on my list to consider visiting for used Pentax glass.  But I itch.  So I visit the store’s outlet below the Carriedo station.  Of the handful old cams in the glass shelf, only two are K-mount.

First is an autofocus tokina 28-70mm.  The lens needs some cleaning but there was nothing wrong with it mechanically as far as I could tell.  Here’s a shot at 28mm.

I took the second lens from a Ricoh body, a 35-70mm macro and tried it out.

I already have two manual Pentax 35-70mm macro lenses, one from a dead man’s chest and the other was a recently given gift.  So i’ll pass on this lens.  (The first one, the autofocus zoom, didn’t interest me at first.  But since it’s attached to a Pentax MZ-5 cam, I just might get it…)

I left Carriedo station and Quiapo without any new gems but I wasn’t disappointed either.  The music store still has two branches, the first of which is stuff for the next blog…


27 October 2011

Entering the main store near where I live, I head directly to where the old cams are.  I spot the MZ-7 with the ‘so-desirable-but-needs-repair’ lens I do want to have.  For a while I thought someone walked away with it.  I also spot an SMC Tak 28/3.5.  I’ve wanted one of those too.  I still have to finally decide to get the MZ-7.  The attached lens might not be repaired competently and I end up losing in the end.  However, the staff told me that a new batch of old cams are coming in tomorrow.  I hope so and I hope to find a couple of gems although that would then complicate my decision-making.  What can I say?

I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.


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