We Who Teach

Marketing was my favorite subject in college.  We’d get to stand in front of the class and report about certain subjects assigned to us.  I was a natural and I loved doing it.  Eventually I ended up teaching vocational subjects in a finishing school.  Later on, I became a preacher, teaching God’s Word to a small congregation.  It was my calling, my destiny – to teach people to obey what God commanded.

We celebrated this year’s Teachers’ Day last October 5.

Just pausing a bit to thank God for the teachers He put me under.

My mother and sister were grade school teachers.  My wife is a preschool teacher.

My mom planted in me the seeds of the Christian faith through her favorite Christian radio programs.  I learned english because my mom and sister would talk to me and tutor me in english.  Today, my wife tries to teach me to be more patient.

Along the way, someone taught me to play the guitar, tuck my shirt in, use a camera, love art, play the guitar, touch type, cook, drink coffee, iron my clothes, lift weights, read the Bible, and all the other stuff that make me who I am now.

God placed me in good company.  For my benefit.  So that others would then benefit from me.

For that I am truly grateful.


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