Out of Character

Membership in our gym costs a lot.  If one can afford the fees, it follows that he or she is quite comfortable in life and is presumed to be educated.  However, money and education do not guarantee exemplary character.

In the free weights room where Liz and I train, we work around some pretty interesting characters.

First is the Pack Rat.  The hoarder. He’ll get all the plates and weights he’ll need for his entire workout. He’ll place them conveniently at his feet even if he won’t use them yet. That deprives other members the chance to use the plates that are supposed to be available. You need plates? Get a number.

Then there are the Spoiled Brats.  Gym courtesy dictates that we should return the weights in their proper places after using them.  But the Spoiled Brats just leave everything lying on the floor then they leave the room.  You need plates?  They’re everywhere but where they should be.

Money can buy you a lot of things – bars, plates, exercise machines, and even your own gym.  But what good is it really if you’re rich and have a great body but don’t have the right character?


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