If Feet Have Wings…

28 October 2011

My feet don’t drag whenever the lens-buying bug bites but they can’t get to the store quick enough.  It always is a high to get nice glass for a bargain, especially if you actually beat the other hunters to it.  When I enter the music store I see a buyer looking at the old cams.  Immediately my mind screams “competition!”  But he’s there for the old Canon lenses so I calm down.

I begin testing the lenses, the bodies don’t really interest me for now.  Actually, the Pentax SFX was one of the cams I had.  A friend gave one when I started shooting weddings.  It was a noisy machine and the batteries were expensive then.

The Sigma zoom looks interesting.  I am not familiar with this lens so I try it out.

The zoom is 28-70mm, variable.  I guess it’s nice to have but maybe i’ll pass on this one too.  I have the salesperson take out the next batch of cams for me.   I’m interested in the one at the far end of the group.

I normally hunt lenses alone.  And I stay in a store as long as I need to.  But coming from school with my wife this afternoon, she might want to go home early to start this 10-day school break we have.  Also, an early home-cooked meal with the wife appeals a lot more.

Besides, my feet can fly me swiftly back to the music store first thing tomorrow.


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