I finally get three old cams from the music store – two screwmounts and an MZ-7.

First time I actually own a black ES II.  I’m still learning about this model’s history.  The SMC Takumar 55/1.8 pictured here was on the other cam.  I learned that this lens has a lug and was made for the ES II so I attach it here.  I have to replace the four quartz batteries so i would know if this body still meters fine.  The lens here replaces the same fungus-infested one a relative gave me.

I also got a SPOTMATIC F.  I learned photography using this model and used it as I ventured into wedding photography.  I only had two lenses then, a 50mm and a 28mm.  In the store, I find attached to the ES II a Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 28/3.5.  I pair it with this Spotmatic instead.  Both Taks look a lot better cosmetically with only a negligible amount of dust inside.  Considering that the store did not handle these guys well, I believe they came out good.

The third cam I got is both a gem and a gamble for me.  It’s an MZ-7 with an FA 50/1.4 attached.

The cam and the lens looked like it was dropped.  There’s a crack on the on-board flash and a chip on the lens’ filter ring.  Attaching a filter is still possible though.  There’s some growth in the outer edges of the front and back elements, but i’ll have it CLA’d.  What concerns me though is that something’s stuck inside that the only way to focus it is manually.   The drop must’ve misaligned something.  I hope the guy I take this to can fix it.  If not, I can still use it for a manual focus video lens on an HDSLR.

The MZ-7 fired up with new batteries.  However, I can’t take a shot.  It only makes a sound.  I’m thinking it must need a roll of film to activate the shutter.

This model was so expensive back in my film days that I could only settle for the MZ-M.  If I could get this to work I’ll run a couple of rolls on it soon.  Finding a used FA 50/1.4 in a surplus shop doesn’t happen regularly so I decide to get this.  I only paid less than half for what these cams cost in Hidalgo. I originally intended to sell the bodies and keep the lenses but i’ll play with them for a while.

Maybe during the Liza’s break I can do some hunting again.


4 comments on “Loot

  1. i came by the carriedo branch this afternoon… nothing much to see. but their prices are really great although they just sell body/ lens combos, no lens-only option.

    cubao and makati can wait.

    thanks for the tip!

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