What else is new? Pacquiao makes the world stop, at least here in the Philippines.

In scenes replicated nationwide, all other things are set aside as we gather to watch Pacquiao fight. Enterprising neighbors charge as low as twenty pesos per head for the live feed, squeezing in as many people as possible per square inch. Others pitch tents complete with local politicians’ names and bring out the big screen LCD TVs.

In small, un-airconditioned  computer rental shops, people view the fights via internet on small computer screens.

It is said that for the few minutes when Pacquiao fights, the roads are clear of traffic, no crimes are reported, and the cops and crooks cheer the ‘National Fist’ together with the rest of the nation.

Should some power-hungry nation wish to invade our shores, it would be wise to do so on days like these. Because we may just be too busy to notice the invasion. Or maybe not. Because on days when Pacquiao fights, we Filipinos are at our best – able to set aside our differences and unite behind someone who has brought honor to us time and time again – something that most of our politicians, sadly, will not be able to do.


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