Freedom From Spaghetti

It rained the whole day. Leaving school at 4pm, we could’ve just stayed out for dinner. But the warmth of home and a home-cooked meal is more appealing.

I have eaten tons of spaghetti most of my life – in parties, fastfood outlets and restaurants, neighbors’ houses, and everywhere else. But three years ago I broke the rules – I bought a package of fettucini and cooked it at home. That night over dinner, a whole new gastronomical world opened up for me. No longer would I be languishing in spaghetti prison – I was now free to explore all the types of pasta available in the supermarket.

Enjoying the cool breeze the rains bring, Liz and I cook up some Linguini with meat sauce. Yes, freedom from spaghetti is, uhhmmm….  liberating!

Fresh tomatoes are in order. I love garlic too. We always use one whole bulb. The garlic we get from the market comes from other Asian countries. Our local garlic bulbs are small and taste better but the price is so prohibitive.

I don’t like onions but I can’t cook without them. Simply put, I can’t live with them, I can’t live without them. So to get around this mess I mince and mix them all up before sauteing.

I threw out all our Teflon pans when I learned that they were unhealthy. I invested in cast iron cookware (for me) and the Cookworks stainless steel set for Liza.

We love to spice up our meals. WE NEVER USE MSG. Herbs and spices are the only way to go.

Now we taste freedom again. Life is good.

(all photos from the Pentax K5 + SMC M 50/4.0 macro)


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