The Kids Are Alright

And they’re not to shabby either. Graduates from a small provincial vocational school seventeen (!) years ago, they’re all grown up, turning the wheels of commerce, and contributing to government’s coffers.

Educate kids right and you get productive citizens. Although they do have to choose to do good and pursue their own careers, a good foundation is a must. In whatever way I may have helped them, I am thankful. One looks back and meditates and is grateful for all the lessons learned. More grateful too when we’re given a chance to get together for the first time after seventeen long years.

I didn’t want to miss this reunion. And I’m glad I didn’t.

Liz and I join six of them in San Miguel, Bulacan. We drown ourselves in food good for twenty people.

Since Bless couldn’t join us earlier, we take the reunion to her place.

Thanks Ghe, Grace, Tess, Henry, Janette, Bless, and Jocelyn. It was a blast. Though all good days have to end, it just makes way for the next. I just hope we don’t get to wait for another seventeen years to do this again.

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New Old Glass

I have a small collection of old Pentax Spotmatic cameras and Takumar lenses. I’ve trimmed it down a bit and I haven’t been in hunting mode until recently.

On one of my recent trips to the used guitar store, I find this nice lens from among the old cams. It’s a Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 35/2.


The Spotmatic F was my first film camera. I only had two lenses then – a 55/1.8 and a 28/3.5 – both Taks. Back then, unaware that  there were various Takumar lenses available, I made a living with just my one SP-F and the two Taks.

My film days are over and the current Pentax K5 dslr is my money-maker. But the screwmount Pentax cams and Takumars still appeal to me. One cannot part with something that has had a major part in one’s life. Besides, I can always use old Pentax glass on my K5.



I am finding more about the history of the cam and the family of Tak lenses I grew up with. I am on the hunt again, looking for other old glass among other people’s discards. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.


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