New Old Glass

I have a small collection of old Pentax Spotmatic cameras and Takumar lenses. I’ve trimmed it down a bit and I haven’t been in hunting mode until recently.

On one of my recent trips to the used guitar store, I find this nice lens from among the old cams. It’s a Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 35/2.


The Spotmatic F was my first film camera. I only had two lenses then – a 55/1.8 and a 28/3.5 – both Taks. Back then, unaware that  there were various Takumar lenses available, I made a living with just my one SP-F and the two Taks.

My film days are over and the current Pentax K5 dslr is my money-maker. But the screwmount Pentax cams and Takumars still appeal to me. One cannot part with something that has had a major part in one’s life. Besides, I can always use old Pentax glass on my K5.



I am finding more about the history of the cam and the family of Tak lenses I grew up with. I am on the hunt again, looking for other old glass among other people’s discards. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.


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