For those who value tranquility and greens, this is for you.  No ziplines, no cement statues of anything Marvel or Disney, no eyesores that masquerade as statues.  Just one big, quiet, clean, unpolluted place hidden in the mountains of Tanay.  If I could, i’d be there weekly.  But my visits are far between.

So we’ve finally managed to take them (Liza’s co-teachers) to the best resort in Tanay – MOMARCO. And, yes!  They loved it.

I hope they won’t spoil this tiny paradise.

One comment on “We HEART MOMARCO

  1. It might be clean. It might be spacious but when you stepped in to their air conditional rooms you can see a very, very small room and of course a bathrooms that is too small to. We were only 4 people who slept in it but I can tell you honestly that we were like sardines in a can. Another thing, they are not pet friendly. I bought my dog to the resort, as we enter the resort it was only there that i’ve seen that there are no pets allowed. I mean, why not post it into your website or tell it to your customers so that we would know. Now what would we do now? We came all way from Manila and then when we got here pets are not allowed. This didn’t happen once, they had experience over and over again and yet they didn’t learn from it. They provided a pitiful for the dogs no sunlight could have passed that metal cage which looked like it came from a squatters area. I tell you this they might say they would look after it but no. They will not. Another thing, about the towels.

    Every additional towel you will pay 150 pesos and adding another foam for your so small rooms its 400 pesos again. Imagine paying 150 pesos for one towel?

    Never do over night in this resort. It was not a good experience for me and my family. I swear to you.

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