Only Calendars Change

Calendars change, but old ways seldom do. The morning after welcoming 2013 with a bang, the streets are littered with the usual New Year’s trash. Same old story. The party hits the streets but no one cares enough to clean up after.

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We have complicated our New Year’s celebrations to ensure that we welcome prosperity and success. But after the party winds down, we’re back to our old ways for the next 364.5 days.

We won’t change for the better if we:

  • allow superstition to imprison us, believing that certain colors, shapes, sounds, and practices are to usher in luck and prosperity
  • disregard the other’s welfare in exercising our freedom to do whatever we want
  • do not follow the rule of law and sweep violations under the rug

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We need a change of heart. A change for the good. Let’s clean up our act. If we really consider the Philippines as the only Christian nation in Asia, then let’s be that – a nation truly under God, Whose Word alone can change the course of one’s life towards all that is Godly and good.