About Me

Adopted twice when six months old.  Wore first pair of glasses in freshman year.  Collected stamps.  Stole from other peoples’ stamp collections.  Kicked out of catholic seminary after third year.  Got my first Pentax Spotmatic F in senior high.  Ran twice for student government president.   Lost twice.  Spent more time in billiard halls than in college.  Applied for jobs with a bogus resume.  Bummed, tripped, saw things and did some.  Got an inheritance of sorts when my father died.  Broke after three months.  Many years in the dark.

Then there was light.

Adopted into the Kingdom.  Given a new vision.  Preached in church.  Pursued photography and started a business.  Got married (finally!).  BDO/Mastercard credit card holder.  Cast iron cookware hunter, collector, and cook.  Now blogging.  Waiting to see what lies ahead.

And in all these, just thankful to God for His grace.

9 comments on “About Me

  1. very well-written testimony! i just saw your link on a friend’s FB wall…. looking forward to reading more of your blog posts. it’s great to find a brother in the blogosphere…hahahaha…with the same wordpress theme as i have…

  2. sir, tama c tess.. parang nag iba k n nga.. not just an ordinary instructor who always says “kamote”.. i truly amaze of ur blog here.. at may kurot sa puso ang ipinost mo… after 17 years.. e2 n un “mga halaman” na inalagaan mo dati.. namumunga ng maganda.. srap cguro ng feeling u now..

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