15 minutes of fame

when the photo crew of a magazine cancelled their shoot with the production team of qtv 11’s the sweet life, i ended up the last-minute replacement.  well, they didn’t have any choice.  i was to shoot two aspiring stars for the show’s ‘sexified’ episode aired november 18, 2010.  it started to drizzle so we had to shoot the first model in one of the lobbies, fronting the elevator.  i put my slave up, left of cam, bounced off the elevator door and ceiling.  natural light came from the big windows on the right.  K20d + fa 35/2.

when the drizzle stopped, they brought the set back to the rooftop and the shoot continued.



the only local shows i watch are the news.  ok, eat bulaga sometimes (i grew up with that program).  so i don’t really know who’s who in local showbiz.  so when liz sees this pic with PRISCILLA, she gets really excited.  me?  clueless.  anyway, she was part of this, teaching the two models how to pose while i snap away.

i found out a little later that i was going to be part of the episode’s taping.  i wanted to go home, but a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.

you wouldn’t really know what a day holds until it unfolds.  on that day i got to shoot pretty ladies, be on tv, and get paid for it.  after which i went straight to the bayad center to pay my water bill.



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