Pentax K-R – 1st wedding in Fernbrook

shooting for FERDIE FLORES of megapixels digital studio yesterday, 12 december 2010, i took my new PENTAX K-R out for it’s first snaps at sean & sarah’s wedding in fernbrook.  it’s very light and the buttons/menu need some getting used to.  but, as they say, practice makes perfect.

after putting it off for quite some time, i’ve finally decided i’d really get that DA 14/2.8 that willy tan still has stashed.  i need that wide lens.



4 comments on “Pentax K-R – 1st wedding in Fernbrook

    • thanks fred.

      i like the carriage driver shot too. you should see the main photographer’s shots. ferdie flores is a very good photog. didn’t know a thing about shooting a couple of years back. now he’s better than some of the guys i worked with.

  1. hi sir what settings did you used for this photo? i just bought pentax kr last saturday and i’m still trying hard to get the best settings for my cam especially when taking a portrait photos..

    thanks!!! queenbee

    • hi aya.

      the K-r has nice high iso quality so you can play with your iso settings first of all. secondly, i always have my flash set off cam and use a radio trigger. my lightman places the flash where it will be of good use and i trigger it as needed.

      your cam settings will always depend on whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, and the availability of available/natural light, and also what type of lens you’re using at the time.

      i don’t use auto this or that – i keep my cam mostly on M mode.

      i suggest you practice using the higher iso settings and use your cam in manual mode. you learn a lot that way.

      watch out also for upcoming pentax seminars where we share valuable tips for cam shooting, setting, lighting, composition, etc…

      if you aren’t part of the pipen group, do contact paul nerie, the admin of our site

      happy shooting!


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