One More Way To Steal

Though no stranger to the Greenhills Shopping Center, we go there for the first time for some last-minute Christmas shopping. Inside, we sort of systematically go through the aisles looking for what need. There’s a wide assortment of items i’d have loved to go through but we didn’t have enough time for that.

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The branded items there (clothing, shoes, & accessories) are mostly knock-offs from China which explains the low price which you can even haggle on. You can really dress yourself up in ‘designer clothing’ and not go broke in the process.

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But my wife and I are not brand-conscious. As long as it fits, looks good, is comfortable and affordable, that’s what we buy.

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We’re not rich so we look for good bargains. But in doing so, we don’t buy knock-offs/counterfeits. You see we don’t want to steal another person’s property – which is what one does when one buys a knock-off.


There’s A Point In Here Somewhere…

I love pointed shoes. I don’t know why, but pointed shoes appeal to me.

When shopping for shoes I’d get very frustrated if pointed shoes for men were not the fashion trend.

I always appreciate a woman who knows how to walk elegantly in stilettos. When asked to draw anything as part of a psychological exam, i’d draw a woman with long hair, long pants, and with pointed high-heeled boots or shoes.

I never did get the meaning of my drawing. Maybe I was told what it meant for me to have drawn that but I wasn’t listening. Maybe if I listened carefully I would’ve learned that I’m such and such or some other thing. But at my age, I don’t really care to know their interpretation of my drawing a long-haired woman wearing pointed shoes. I just know that I love pointed shoes.

I also know this – that God made each of us uniquely, with different tastes and traits. Therefore, my tastes do not actually define who I am, rather, it is God’s will and design for my life that defines me.

As pointed shoes were designed for a purpose, God designed me for a purpose – far greater than anything that I have to spend the rest of my life living it out, otherwise I miss the whole point of my existence.

I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. (Psalm 139:14)