Al Turqo

After gym training, Liz and I walk a few blocks to this tiny spot serving Turkish food.  Three shisha’s stand proudly at the windowsill, like ushers giving a preview of what’s in store.  We were to spend our 8th anniversary meal here a few days ago but our plans changed.  We’re still in the mood to celebrate, though.  Besides, I brought along my new gem, the used Pentax FA 50/1.4 I bought earlier from a music store – another reason to celebrate.

Beyond the shawarma, the only other thing we’re familiar with is ‘kebabs’.  We order the Adana and Yogurtlu kebabs,  and the Chicken Tikka.  We wait fifteen minutes.

I like the colorful plates they serve it on.  The garlic sauce with the chili oil was a winner for me.

The owner’s name is Christine.  We were told she’s still single.  Her trip to the Middle East influenced her opening and running this small place.  She allows me to take a few snaps – I do so with the FA 50/1.4 on the Pentax K5. Nice way to end the week and at the same time start Liza’s extended school break.

(I’m blogging this five hours after leaving Al Turqo and I haven’t eaten dinner yet.  That’s how full I am.)

2 comments on “Al Turqo

  1. I’ve ate in a lot of Turkish/Garlic sauce restaurants and Al Turqo did make it to the top of my list (tho the others on top of the list isn’t really on the same category). The interesting part really is how your able to blog this the way i would describe it (Garlic and Chilli combi), and I’m sure we are not alone.

    I just hope this can be closer down south =) as I don’t see this kind of good food often around here (pque). But its well worth stopping by every time I’m up north! Ciao!!

    • mikee, i love my food hot and spicy for the most part. but regardless of what type of food, i believe that good customer service is also an important part of the whole experience. i never enjoy eating out even if the food is good if the staff or someone in the store doesn’t at least have common courtesy.

      i enjoy watching guy fieri’s ‘diners, drive-ins, and dives’ on youtube. he features really cool places with the coolest people and dishes and i just wish we had more of them here or i just really did own and manage one of my own.

      thanks for dropping by, mikee.

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